Day One Disaster Relief



Day One Disaster Relief is a project within Sustainable Prosperity that has provided logistics and assistance with disaster relief.

The program was founded by Jil Christensen during Hurricane Florence to rapidly source and deliver supplies (via air and road) to those affected by the hurricane. Day One spearheaded the rapid response at the TAC AIR terminal at RDU beginning in September of 2018 and became a program with Sustainable Prosperity in October of 2018. 

Through strong community relationships, Day One Disaster Relief has served communities impacted by natural disasters since the fall of 2018.  

In 2019, Day One Disaster Relief continued its work as an advocate  for the  residents of McDougland Terrace in Durham and the NC survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

In 2020, Day One pivoted to work with at-risk communities across the state to deliver much needed PPE supplies to communities at risk.

If you have any questions, please email us at:    [email protected]


*As of February 4, 2021 Jil Christensen is no longer associated and/or affiliated with Sustainable Prosperity, Inc., Sustainable Prosperity Inc. D/B/A Day One Disaster Relief or Day One Disaster Relief