Epic Leadership Program


Working with a donor who approached Sustainable Prosperity, Inc., SPI provided funding for the development of the Epic Leadership program. The project is in the final stage of development and the initial stage of implementation.

The purpose of the Epic Leadership program is to fully empower the citizens who are devoting their lives to making our world a better place by working for peace, social justice and the stewardship of the earth.

The goal is to ensure that participants emerge brimming with confidence with the skills and the resources to continually renew themselves, the staff, the board of directors, and the pool of volunteers.

The goal of the program is to empower participants to create work environments and organizational cultures that are richly supportive and collaborative and thus raise the morale of the organization and renew the energy of the staff, the board and the volunteers.

This organizational and community leadership training is affordable and powerfully effective. We know that among mission-driven leaders, the habit of repeated, unexamined sacrifice is epidemic. The best of the best are seduced by the call to unlimited service and are at risk for burnout.

The program explores common institutional questions such as “What can we do to change the culture of martyrdom? And "How do we get positive internal support from our own  organizations?”

The Epic Leadership program from Dr. Thomas Griggs is  specifically designed to provide the antidote to the culture of debilitating sacrifice.  It provides the skills to have “servant leaders” be as effective as they can possibly be at fulfilling their missions of service, while also maintaining a healthy balance in their personal lives.  

The course is a highly focused introduction to the essential pillars of organizational effectiveness and sustainability that Dr. Griggs has honed in over 30 years of consultation to organizations in every sector of the economy.

The course is now being offered online by Dr. Griggs.

If you are interested and/or have any questions please email SPI.