Strategies for Vitality

pboromural.jpgWe, Sustainable Prosperity Inc, believe that revitalizing our local communities requires a multi-faceted approach that enhances the synergy between social networks, community networks, economic networks and government networks to ensure that the resulting system is sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient. This starts with strategies that invest diverse local resources (from financial capital to human capital) to create places where people can thrive.

Our vision is in direct opposition to the current system that drains currency and energy from productive, grassroots, local real-economy networks and funnels it to the multinational, Wall Street level, where too often it is squandered on speculation, not real reinvestment and in the process enervating people and community networks, starving human initiative and entrepreneurial efforts.

If we are going to break this cycle we need to focus on the synergy that a truly symbiotic community ecosystem creates and use local and regional strategies that enhance human, social, and environmental capital to rebuild and produce the communities we want to live in.

Our synergistic strategies to foster diverse, vibrant, economically resilient communities are:

Rebuilding Synergetic Local Business Networks

Repatriating Local Money to Revitalize Local Economies

Creating Stable, Local Jobs and Abundant Opportunities

Transforming our energy systems

Revitalizing local food systems

Developing healthy housing solutions

Renovating our water systems

Making solid waste pay

Energizing people in community

Expanding energy options