SPI's Role

As part of Sustainable Prosperity Inc.'s mission to nurture vibrant, diverse, and economically resilient communities, we seek to repatriate local money, that is, to get money circulating into local projects that increase local economic vitality while providing a reasonable return to local investors. Sustainable Prosperity’s long-term goal is to make Good Cause/Good Return local investing easy, reliable, and profitable for all stake-holders with a model that is scalable for communities in North Carolina and the United States.

Sustainable Prosperity's role in Good Cause/Good Return investing includes:

  • Assisting and advising local individuals and groups in setting up their socially-responsible LLC investment vehicles and connecting them with projects that we are spearheading like the NC Sustainable Community Fund, LLC; 

  • Educating the community and policy-makers on the value of B-corps or for-benefit corporations and LC3s;

  • Initiating and taking the lead role in planning and developing socially responsible projects in local communities that address the problems of poverty, blight, and economic malaise in the areas of:
    • Affordable housing / Affordable living
    • Health and social services
    • Renewable energy, energy efficiency and weatherization
    • Sustainable water and waste projects such as, wastewater treatment and water reuse projects
    • Local and regional transit including buses, biking and walkability projects
    • Downtown revitalization and reuse
    • Community education and involvement
  • Promoting integrated economic development using Good Cause/Good Return projects to connect contributions and create synergy among many local stakeholders including local entrepreneurs, builders, nonprofits, and community college and university students;
  • Partnering and cooperating with other local organizations in the community;
  • Creating a template for Good Cause/Good Return investing that can spread to other regions and capitalize on the strengths of democratic free enterprise networks.


Dr. Sally Goerner of the Capital Institute is a special advisor on Good Cause/Good Investing and has worked with Randy Voller over the past 4 years on this project. 

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