Get Involved!

Building the communities we want requires participation of many individuals at all levels – as with any healthy ecosystem.

That means you can participate in the way that works for you.

Financial Support: Operation funding from donations is the fertilizer for the seeds we want to grow into resilient community ecosystems. All donations help us do the work. Please make a gift to support our work.

Investing – Your money can work for you and build the community you want to live in. See Financing the Society We Want for more information.

Volunteering: As a lean, start-up non-profit we are in particular need of volunteers to help ith a wide array of tasks. At present the following top our list:

  • Grant research and grant writing

  • Specialized skills such as land planning, design, engineering, and communications  

  • Project Research – This ranges from individual research on topics and technologies to participating in small groups working on project ideas such as a local initiative for green jobs, weatherization and solar panels. Do you have a special area of expertise or interest or mad skills you want to share? Consider the Sustainable Prosperity
  • Administrative and Office Work  - While this isn’t sexy it is the nuts and bolts that hold things together. Data entry, compiling and checking contacts, data management and an array of other items from helping with meetings and events to getting mailings out the door are some of the tasks on our list.

    And contact us about internships.


Complete the online form or contact us and we will be in touch.